Wentworth Tech

Wentworth Tech offers its own brand articles in three categories:

Complete plastic enclosures of the “Z” system and a number of auxiliary elements supporting the equipment of the casings with the necessary electrical apparatus enabling easy assembly of switchgear cabinets optimally adapted to the needs. Detailed information on individual switchgear components are included in the catalog cards. The sizes Z1 and Z2 are equipped with mounting rails and grilles. We make 1-and 2-row versions, allowing the assembly of 9 or 12 modules in one row. Certificates of the Electrotechnical Institute – Warsaw .



Cable ties made of POM (polyacetal Tarnoform), used for suspending cable bundles, wires, strapping of pipes, tapes, rods, etc. and connecting of transported containers. Available size: length 540 mm, width 13 mm, beam diameter up to 12 cm, color: white or black, one beam load with a weight of max. 80 kg.


Glasses of colorless or colored PS (polystyrene) with capacities of 4cl, 15cl, which are used as tasting vessels or glasses for wine, champagne, spirits, liqueurs and liqueurs. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and transparency, they are ideal for tastings and presentations .


Plates made of PP plastic for use in gastronomy. Available size: fi 195 mm, height 240 mm, color: white. Due to the increased wall thickness of 0.5 mm, they are very stable, rigid and durable. Packed at 50pcs in a bag or according to the client’s expectations.