Offering clients a wide range of services, we remember about the highest level of quality, modernity and efficiency .
Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the two-component injection technology we offer .
Two-component injection is the ability to combine the properties and capabilities of individual components into one perfect whole.
The multi-stage assembly process of individual components is replaced by combining them together at the injection stage.

In this technology, we can get details about:

  • complicated shapes and increased strength,
  • a two-layer structure (shell and core made of various materials),
  • different hardness of individual elements (eg PS with silicone),
  • two different colors .

This method is especially recommended for the production of cosmetic packaging (eg flip-tops), art. gardening (e.g. quick connectors), art. hygienic (eg single-use razors, toothbrushes), building tools (eg screwdriver handles), art. motoring and many other details. The above method allows you to reduce costs while ensuring the perfect quality of detail.

The service is performed on the modern ENGEL 300T e-Victory injection molding machine .

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